My mission is to help others live up to their full potential. To accomplish this, I advocate for users, support my teammates & leaders, and aim to deliver the best possible product for my clients.
I strive to uncover problems and opportunities for product or service teams. Because I'm trained in UX design, I know how to develop research deliverables that inform design and content decisions. 
I’m also a systems thinker—I enjoy analyzing social dynamics to understand how the actions of individuals fit within or create larger cultural or corporate systems. 

I believe:
-Everyone deserves a seat at the table.
-Finding overlap between user goals and business objectives is an essential part of the design process.  
-When utilized well, mixed methods research can create powerful storytelling that helps teams make decisions.
-A limiting factor for good design (websites, products, social media, etc) is the quality of the content it seeks to present. 

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