Market research
12 weeks
The product is an end-to-end solution based on TCR sequencing—a technique that involves sequencing T and B-cell receptors to quantify and track the immune repertoire. The product helps researchers drive discovery across a variety of applications—including immunology, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, oncology, and more. 
As part of a multi-prong 2021 marketing plan, this research-product marketing team hired my team at Cognition Studio to conduct research in support of their efforts to adopt a customer-centric marketing approach and differentiate their product from competitors.
The team was comprised of a strategic medical-marketing lead, lead strategic writer/researcher, writer/researcher, and researcher (me), and the client-side marketing manager. 

We sought to answer the following questions:
– How does this product compare to competitors: share of voice, product lines, messages, customer perspectives?
– What do we hypothesize are the wants and needs of the product’s customer? 
– What opportunities does the product have to deepen customer engagement?
To answer these questions, we utilized secondary sources including social listening, stakeholder interviews, and the manual tracking of competitor presence in the digital space. 

Outcomes & Deliverables
This research identified new marketing language and approaches. Outputs included customer journey maps, competitor messaging themes, an interactive scorecard aimed at helping the Sales team understand the level of touch required for an individual customer, marketing concepts, and a conceptual map of the marketing network. 

To see more, please contact me directly
Due to the competitive nature of the medical field, please contact me directly to learn more about this work. 
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