In compliance with an NDA, this case study is limited to a general structure and my contributions to the project.
My Roles
Generative and Evaluative Researcher
Twelve weeks from onboarding to roadmap.
The Client
I served as an embedded User researcher on a large financial institution's Product Innovation team.
My teammates included lead UX Designer, lead UX Researcher, and a business designer.
How might we leverage our expertise as a large financial institution to serve individuals with private stock?
The client was a well-established and respected institution for innovators in the VC-backed tech space. The business identified an opportunity to acquire new clients, and better serve existing clients, by offering services tailored to private stock needs. 
Identify develop and test concepts through generative and evaluative research.
Identifying Concepts
I ran ~6 semi-structured exploratory interviews to identify areas of opportunity. 
I led recruitment through DeepBench, scheduled interviews, wrote the interview guides, and conducted ~6 interviews with current and prospective clients.
Through synthesis, our innovation pod identified key areas of opportunity where individuals with private stock were underserved by existing tools on the market. Then, we categorized the pain points into themes and met with business to identify which themes most aligned with the client's mission, values and expertise. 
Next, our pod collaboratively brainstormed concepts.
Refinement resulted in eight key concepts that aligned with the client companies' values and positioning.
Testing Concepts
Next, we conducted ~six concept tests that aimed to identify which concepts were perceived as most useful by prospective and current clients.
I prepared the concept test format in MURAL for each session.
A prioritized concept roadmap was shared with executive leadership for their consideration.
I am proud of my ability to ramp up to the subject matter within a matter of weeks, a skill I mastered over many years working in agencies and complex subject areas. 
When I started, I had limited experience in the financial space, and was able to ramp up in a matter of weeks.
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