In compliance with an NDA, this case study is limited to a general structure and my contributions to the project.
Generative research, evaluative research
I served as an embedded user researcher on the client’s product innovation team. My teammates included the lead UX designer, lead UX researcher, and a business designer.
Twelve weeks from onboarding to findings.
Research goals
We strove to uncover problems and opportunities within the wealth management space so that we could develop and test concepts aimed at a new customer segment. These concepts were built into a product roadmap proposal. 
60 minute semi-structured exploratory interviews
60 minute concept tests

My contributions
Participant recruitment, screening, and scheduling
Writing discussion guide template
Tailoring discussion guides for each participant
Preparing Mural spaces for research activities/artifacts (ex: card activity, synthesis)
Facilitating ~15 interviews (including internal stakeholders and current/prospective clients)
Note-taking ~15 interviews (across competitors, internal stakeholders, and current/prospective clients)
Preparing documents for collaborative synthesis activities
Synthesizing themes
Developing and refining concepts
Navigating internal stakeholder review cycles
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