The main project team was made up of a pod of four individuals, including the Lead UX Designer, Lead UX Researcher, Business Designer, and myself, UX Researcher. 
-Participant recruitment, screening, and scheduling
-Writing discussion guides, and tailoring the guide to each participant (ex: pulling in their background/resume and writing individual specific questions)
-Preparing Mural spaces for research activities/artifacts (ex: card activity, synthesis)
-Facilitating ~15 interviews (across internal stakeholders and current/prospective clients)
-Note-taking ~15 interviews (across competitors, internal stakeholders, and current/prospective clients)
-Preparing documents for collaborative synthesis activities
-Initial synthesis: grouping quotes into themes by persona
-Deeper synthesis: grouping themes into larger themes
-Concept development: ideation and refinement of concept list
-Navigation of internal stakeholder review cycle
-Translation of themes into insights
3 months (November 2021–February 2022)

Cover photo by Jason Goodman via Unsplash. 
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